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Ductless Air Conditioning in Manhattan, KS by M & S Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Does your home lack the necessary space for the installation of air ducts throughout? Do you simply wish to avoid the use of air ducts, in order to reduce the risk of efficiency and indoor air quality problems? Whatever your reasons for seeking an alternative to a ducted forced air distribution system, we at M & S Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. have got exactly what you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more about ductless air conditioning. When you work with our team, you will have all of the information that you need to determine if a ductless air conditioner is the right option for your home.

M & S Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. provides ductless air conditioning installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services in Manhattan, Junction City, Wamego and the surrounding areas.

What are Ductless Mini Splits?

A ductless mini split air conditioning system is a type of air conditioner which, as you may have guessed, does not require ductwork in order to cool a home. Such systems utilize an outdoor compressor unit, much like more traditional split central air conditioners. However, this component connects to individual, wall–mounted blowers installed in different areas of the home via a simple conduit. This conduit contains necessary refrigerant, power, and drainage lines. The blowers cool different areas throughout the house directly, completely eliminating the need for bulky ductwork. Because these systems can use heat pump technology, you can actually use ductless mini splits to both heat and cool your home. Contact us today to learn more.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

There are a few benefits that you may enjoy by choosing a ductless air conditioner. First and foremost is the fact that you don’t need to have ductwork installed in your home. This can be a huge project in existing properties, so a ductless heating and cooling system can be quite desirable. The elimination of ductwork also eliminates the risk of indoor air quality and efficiency issues that air ducts can lead to. When ductwork leaks, which is a common problem, your HVAC system has to work harder to make up for that lost energy. This can lead to higher energy bills. You won’t have to worry about that when you use a ductless air conditioner. Plus, there is no chance of pollutants being distributed throughout your home via ductwork. This protects your indoor air quality. The individual blowers also make zoned heating and cooling easy to take advantage of.

Call M & S Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for Ductless Air Conditioning in Manhattan, KS

You do not have the training, tools, or expertise necessary to install or service your own ductless air conditioner. Leave such vital services to the experts on the M & S Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. team. We can make sure that your ductless air conditioning system is of the right size for your home, and that it is installed and serviced properly every step of the way. You can count on our team to get the job done right.

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